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AfSU Board of Directors

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  1. BOD2/AfSU/4 Policy Writer & Advisor

    BOD2/AfSU/4 Policy Writer & Advisor
    The AfSU Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the union. They are the designated body of leadership and will oversee all activities this union undertakes. By becoming a Policy Writer & Advisor, you will assist AfSUs Leadership Team and will be part of managing the union's activities.
    As a Policy Writer & Advisor, you will be helping write key documents for the union. These may include master policies, team directives and general management directives. We’d recommend someone who holds an interest in writing documents that are wordy apply to this post.
    Recommended that you hold some knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel. You must be able to dedicate time to the AfSU project where required and it is recommended you hold prior knowledge/experience of AfSU activities.
    For examples of the types of documents we may create here at AfSU, please refer to: https://afsu.org/constitution

    Position: BOD2/AfSU/4 Policy Writer & Advisor

    Number of places: 2

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